Meet Your Farmers at Upstreet

An evening celebrating the community behind agriculture


Farmers walk into a that’s not the beginning of a joke but the start of TopFeed’s first ever “Meet Your Farmers” event! This is an event we’ve been planning to organize for some time and are now excited to officially announce it.

What is it?

“Meet your Farmers” is a celebration of the International CSA day! What’s a CSA? It stands for ‘Community Supported Agriculture’, which is an easy way for people like you, to support small-scale farmers. The idea is simple, pay for an entire seasons worth of produce at the beginning of the year and help local producers cover their costs and deliver quality food. “Wait a second, do I have to buy anything at this event?” No! This will be an evening of fun activities, community, and getting to know some of the voices of our local farming community. If you wish to support CSAs after this evening, that will be your choice entirely.

Where and When?

Upstreet Craft Brewing graciously offered their establishment for this celebration. It take’s place Thursday, February 23rd, from 7pm to 9pm. CSA day is actually on the 24th, but we decided to celebrate early!

upstreet craft brewery

What’ll be going on?

  • TRIVIA: The subject? Farm and food of course!
  • SEED-PLANTING: Live the farming experience and plant your very own seeds to take home OR leave them to be grown at the Farm Centre Community Garden next door!
  • BEER: This goes without saying. Upstreet has an amazing lineup of locally-made craft brews!
  • GIVEAWAYS & DOOR PRIZES: Because an evening would not be complete without these!

So there you go, come join us and let’s celebrate the wonderful people that grow our food!

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