Family Veggie Box

Family Veggie Box

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Sustainably grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and 100% produced by Island-owned family farms. Reduce your food miles while getting the freshest food possible, harvested the week you order. 

Enjoy twenty weeks of fresh vegetables from mid-June to November available for pickup or delivery. 

The Family Veggie Box has 8-10 types of vegetables in each order. Perfect for 3 or more people or 1 veggie lover!


Taste: Farm fresh, high quality vegetables
Convenient: You can choose what you get each week 
Flexible: Pay weekly, monthly or upfront (10% off!)
Fits your schedule: Pause any time you'll be away
Not a professional chef? We send free & simple seasonal recipes

What You Get

Choose between: Basil ● Yellow & Green Beans
Baking Beans ● Beets ● Beet Greens ● Broccoli

Brussels Sprouts ● Cabbage ● Carrots ● Cauliflower
Chard ● Cherry Tomatoes ● Corn ● Cucumbers
Dill ● Eggplant ● Garlic ● Kale ● Leeks ● Lettuce ● Melon
Mesclun Mix (Salad Greens) ● Onions ● Peppers
Peas: Snow & Snap ● Potatoes: Blue, Red & Yellow

Pumpkins ● Radishes  ● Spinach ● Tomatoes ● Turnip
Watermelon ● Winter Squash ● Zucchini 

& add-ons like Strawberries, Bread, Eggs & more!
The order list will change throughout the season. 

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